Is This Your Jerry Maguire Moment?

Remember the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr.?  (Holy crap, was it that long ago?) The movie has some memorable lines, like “Show me the money” and “You complete me.”  Corny, but classic!

But my favorite quote from Jerry Maguire is “help me help you.”

Help me, help you.  That’s the theme of this blog post…

This year, I’ve been working with a few folks just like you who are ready to do much bigger things and generate more business using powerful video marketing strategies.  In just a few short months, my Video VIP clients have experienced greater online visibility, enhanced credibility (i.e. star power) and have saved a ton of time and frustration by having me help with their videos – and their overall marketing efforts.

We’ve been able to develop a solid marketing strategy and discover smart short-cuts that leverage our time and virtually eliminate the learning curve.  I want all that good stuff for you, too!

It’s hard to believe that 2012 is already a quarter over.  Spring is here and there’s no better time to re-commit to your business goals and make some serious strides.  (Ask yourself where you’re going to be in 6 months if you don’t do something?!?)

If you’re like me, you may need a little extra nudge to help you get started… (nudge, nudge!)

So what do you say?  Help me help you.  Join my exclusive “inner circle” and become a Video VIP.  Together, we will rule the galaxy!  (Or, at the very least, we will dominate your niche!)

Go to to see all the details, or feel free to call me or email me at  I’ve got room for a few more private clients and I’d love it if you were one of them!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to say “you complete me,” but I will help you tell your clients to “show you the money!”

I look forward to helping you!