Revolutionary New "10-Minute Trainer" Success System Makes Creating Video Faster and Simpler Than Ever...

10 Minutes a Day for 10 Days is All It Takes to Join the Online Video Revolution!

Dear Fellow Business Owner:

I’ve been in the TV and video business for over 25 years, and I’ve been making on videos for business for the last 10 years.  I’ve created hundreds of professional videos that have garnered millions of views.

And now I’ve taken everything you need to know to make powerful and effective videos that will build your brand and boost your bottom line, and I’ve developed a simple, fool-proof system that shows you how to create great videos in just ten minutes a day.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, my 10-Minute Video Trainer will put you on the fast track to making your own awesome videos that will:

*Grow your list
*Engage your fans
*Attract new clients
*Drive traffic to your site
*Increase your online visibility
*Establish your expert status
*Sell more products and services!

You won’t believe how fast, fun and “frustration-free” video can be until you check out my game-changing 10-Minute Video Trainer.

Simple & Streamlined

10-Minute Video Trainer is neatly organized into 10 short, bite-sized lessons, covering the crucial, "must-know" aspects of video marketing.

Fast & Efficient

You won't waste a minute with this super simple system.  It's designed to get you OUT of overwhelm, so you can focus on making business-building videos fast.

Perfect for Any Skill Level

Whether you're a complete video newbie or a seasoned pro, 10-Minute Video Trainer will take your video marketing skills to the next level!

Accountability & Support

Expert help and guidance is just a few clicks away - and our active and supportive private Facebook community is also available to provide additional support.

“Give Me Just 10 Minutes a Day for 10 Days, and I'll Give You the Power to Crank Out Professional, Business-Building Videos Anytime, Anywhere (Even If You've Struggled with Video in the Past).”

Lou Bortone

My proven, idiot-proof system will have you cranking out great-looking videos – both on-camera and off-camera – in only 10 minutes a day!  With my new 10-Minute Video Trainer, you will:

  • Get up and running quickly, even if you’ve never done video before
  • Discover how to make both on-camera and off-camera videos on a shoestring budget with minimum hassle
  • Learn 10 different types of videos to accomplish your business goals faster
  • Dominate your niche with easy expert tips videos
  • Leverage and maximize the power of YouTube to get more video views and drive more traffic back to your website
  • Attract and engage new fans who will become loyal clients
  • Save time, money and headaches by using a super simple, step-by-step system
10-Minute Video Trainer

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside 10-Minute Video Trainer System


  • Ten 10-Minute mini-modules of step-by-step video instruction
  • 10-Step checklists, study guide and cheat-sheets
  • Private Facebook Group for community support and accountability
  • Bonus video tutorials on YouTube, Google Hangouts, video animation and video distribution

You get everything you need to get up and running quickly in this self-study, step-by-step program.  No fluff, no techno-babble - just the info you need!

Day 1: Introduction to 10-Minute Video Trainer
Day 2: 10-Minute Video Studio Set-Up
Day 3: 10-Minute Video Scripting
Day 4: 10-Minute Video Taping
Day 5: 10-Minute Video Editing
Day 6: YouTube Tricks & Hacks
Day 7: Video Distribution
Day 8: Off-Camera Videos
Day 9: Google Hangouts
Day 10: Video Marketing
Bonus Day: Video Momentum

10-Minute Video Trainer
10-Minute Video Trainer

(C)  Copyright 2015 Lou Bortone.  All Rights Reserved. Legal.

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